About The Youth Scroll Lock

Who Is the Youth Scroll Lock for?

Our magazine involves educational Materials which are useful for university students as well as many more opportunities. 

Our magazine is made in simple English which could be understood by even a P7 dropout. More over our illustrations can be enjoyed and understood my any one. 

Since our whole goal as the Youth Scroll Lock is to advocate for all Young people, we also look out to the young people living with HIV.

Among the most disadvantaged youth are those who are Disabled. We intend to make the Youth Scroll lock a platform for them to learn about SRHR.  


The Team Behind

We have a team of creative and skilled young people behind the whole team of the youth scroll lock.

IT Parsonel



It's educative, I wish you reach everyone

Katuutu Sylivia


It's a good initiative

Kigambo Araali

Parent / Guardian

It has information relevant to the youth

Muguda Murungi S. Apuuli

Parent / Guardian